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paragon Glass Jars

Look no further when searching for a way to impress your customers. These paragon glass jars will show off your product and retain customer presentation. Their tall profiles, round base, straight sides and almost square shoulders provide a great place for labels or silk prints. These jars are a great way to present your jams, jellies, sauces, and essential oils. Caps are sold separately and shown on each order page.

Paragon glass jars are essential for providing strength, compatibility, and weight for materials that can’t be stored in plastic containers. Various sizes are available. Order your stellar glass jars today with Best Containers.

  • 8 oz clear glass paragon jar with 58-400 neck finish

    8 oz Paragon Glass Jar, Clear, 58-400 neck finish | 12 Pack

  • 12 oz Paragon Glass Jar, Clear, 63 TW Neck | 12 Pack

  • 16 oz Paragon Glass Jar, Clear, 63TW Neck | 12 Pack