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Enhance the functionality and appearance of your bottles and jars with our range of high-quality accessories at BEST Containers. Our collection includes dust covers, shrink bands, and more, designed to provide added protection, security, and a polished finish to your packaging solutions. These accessories are essential for maintaining product integrity and ensuring consumer safety, making them indispensable for any business in the food, beverage, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industries.

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  • 70-400 White PET Jar Dust Cover

    $0.05 $0.07
  • White PET Jar Dust Cover With Sealing Disc, Fits 89-400 Plastic Jars

  • Non-perforated shrink band

    70 mm x 50 mm black PVC plastic non-perforated shrink band for 38 mm neck finish pack of 250

  • Shrink Band

    75mm x 28mm clear PVC plastic perforated shrink band for 45 mm neck finish 250 Pack