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Wide-Mouth HDPE Jars

These HDPE wide-mouth jars are the answer to many of your needs. The 950cc bottle has a wide neck that is typically used for vitamins, nutritional supplements, or pharmaceuticals. The gallon size bottle is great for shipping products. You can use these bottles for health and beauty applications, granules and samples, or for food and beverages. Wide mouths are great for easy filling.
Wide-mouth HDPE jars are made of high-density polyethylene, a recyclable plastic known for its excellent moisture vapor barrier properties. Each bottle comes with a cap with an F-217 liner, a three-ply liner composed of a low-density foam core between two solid layers of low-density polyethylene which has excellent chemical resistance and a low moisture transmission rate.

  • 6.75 oz HDPE Wide Mouth Bottle

    $0.37 $0.43
  • 8 oz Natural HDPE Wide Mouth Jar with Lid

  • Wide Mouth Container, HDPE, White, 55 oz, 120mm Neck

  • Single Wall Container, White, HDPE, 85 oz, 120mm Neck

  • Wide Mouth Container, HDPE, White, 36 oz, 120TT Neck

  • 70 oz White HDPE Plastic Single Wall Canister w/120mm Neck Finish