BEST Containers

Screw Top Pails & Buckets

These screw top pails are a great option for any of your storage needs. Made of FDA compliant material, they work for your food storage needs as well as your shipping needs of your product. These UN Rated containers will meet certain regulations for shipping and with the tamper evident screw top lid, you will know when your container has been tampered with. Pails come in white only, but you have three choices of lid colors, red, white or blue. This gives you the opportunity to color code your storage needs. Fully child-resistant and senior friendly, these pails are reusable and the cover has a unique trigger mechanism to automatically secure the lid when closing.

Accessories are just as important as the pails and buckets! Don’t forget to purchase pail accessories including pumps, caps, gaskets, liners and more. When you’re ready to ship your products, shop our pail shipping systems!

  • White Screw Top Lid

    1.25 Gallon White Screw Top Poly Pail Lid, UN Rated

  • White Screw Top Pail

    1.25 Gallon White Screw Top Pail, UN Rated

  • 3.5 Gallon Plastic Pail with White Screw Top Lid – White

  • 10.7 Gallon Plastic Pail