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HDPE Plastic Spray Bottles

Sprayer bottles provide you the ability to mist, douse, and apply a direct or fine layer of product anywhere you need it. HDPE plastic spray bottles often used to contain chemicals or cleaning supplies. However, their end-use is entirely up to you. Please note, they are not recommended for use with food products as food particles can easily become trapped in a sprayer nozzle and may make it difficult to clean. These plastic high-quality bottles may be just what you are looking for. View our various sizes and styles of HDPE plastic spray bottles for sale from the selection below. 

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  • 16 oz Natural HDPE Carafe Bottle, 28-400

  • 32 oz Natural HDPE Carafe Bottle 28-400

  • Decanter Sprayer Bottle, White, 32 oz, 28-400 Neck Finish