BEST Containers

Modern Rounds

Best Containers offers wholesale options for a variety of PET and HDPE modern round bottles. Our round plastic bottles, or modern rounds, have a nice classic shape. They are a superb choice for displaying various products and act as a great storage option for your diverse collections or samples. Our PET and HDPE modern round bottles come in several different color options such as Amber, Blue, Natural, and more. You can email us if you are looking for a particular size or color that is not currently listed. As some of the below bottles come with caps and some do not, we recommend looking on the order page for more information.

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  • Clear Modern Round Bottle, PET, 28-400, 16 oz.

  • Cobalt Blue Modern Round Bottle, PET, 24-410, 8 oz.

  • 4 oz Amber Modern Round Bottle, PET, 24-400

  • 8 oz Amber Modern Round Bottle, PET, 24-400

  • Modern Round Bottle, Amber, PET, 28-410, 16 oz.


    32 oz Plastic Modern Round Bottle

  • Modern Round Bottle, PET, Cobalt Blue, 28-410, 16 oz.

  • Amber Modern Round bottle 28-400, PET, 16 oz