BEST Containers

Plastic Jugs

Our jugs are functional, versatile, and the easy-to-use solution for your storage needs. FDA compliant, these containers have a wide variety of uses. These jugs are most used in the food and beverage, healthcare, industrial, and chemical industries. They have a hollow handle for ease in carrying and large recessed areas for labels and stickers. Their great shape and material makes it easy to store a few containers side by side. Store your products safely and access them easily when needed!

  • 1 Gallon HDPE Wide Mouth Jug with Shipping Box

  • 4 Liter F-Style Natural Plastic Bottle with Slanted Handle

  • 4 Liter Plastic Slanted F-Style Black Bottle

  • 5 Quart Oil Safe? Lubrication Container

  • 10 Quart Oil Safe? Lubrication Container