BEST Containers

Wide-Mouth Polystyrene Jars

These wide-mouth polystyrene jars are crystal clear and can help you in so many ways. If you want to display the quality and consistency of your product, these jars will help you. If you need a small, plastic polystyrene jar for sending samples to customers during product testing, we have small jars as well as the larger sizes. As they are FDA compliant, it gives more options as to the use for you with these great jars. Each jar comes with a polypropylene cap with an F-217 liner, so you’ll enjoy all our polystyrene jars.

We also have  wide mouth jars and tin containers.

  • 4 oz Clear JarPolystyrene Wide Mouth Jar

    4 oz Wide Mouth Polystyrene Jar

  • 2 oz Polystyrene Wide Mouth Jar

  • 16 oz Wide Mouth Polystyrene Jar