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Imperial Round Bottles

Our HDPE and PET imperial round bottles are a great option if you are looking for a sleek, slender bottle. Also called bullet rounds, these high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles have a tensile strength and are highly rigid. As they have a great resistance to chemicals and a good impact resistance, they are a great option for your lab samples or product storage. All of our HDPE and PET imperial round bottles are also FDA approved, which brings on a whole other realm of possible uses. These are highly scratch resistant which helps keep them looking nice and come in clear, white, or natural. The natural are a milky translucent color, however you will be able to see product level or how full the container is.

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  • Imperial Round Bottle, Natural, 4 oz., HDPE, 24-410

  • Imperial Round Bottle, White, 8 oz, HDPE, 24-410 Neck Finish

  • 6 oz Imperial Round Bottle, Natural, HDPE, 24-410

  • 6 oz Imperial Round Bottle, White, HDPE, 24-410

  • 8 oz Imperial Round, Natural, HDPE, 24-410