BEST Containers

Paint & Utility Cans

From DIY projects to painting supplies, these paint cans do it all. Our paint cans are multifunctional and the best choice for paints, varnishes, or lacquers. Our paint containers are made of the finest quality tin-coated steel with a leak-tight double seam construction and supplied with friction top lids. They are a great choice for industrial use, holding extra product, and even ideal for craft projects and decorations. If you are filling the paint can with latex paint or other water-based products, you will want to use the gray epoxy-lined paint cans. Otherwise, the unlined cans will work to meet all your other needs.

Our paint pails have a wire handle included with mounting ears and are shipped with the handle unattached. These paint pails are easy to carry and transport. Our paint cans have no handles or ears. Try these paint cans out for projects containing your product. They make for great gift baskets and can even be used as part of centerpieces and other crafts!

If these containers are too big, we also have smaller tins. Check out our slip-cover cans or seamless tins. Need to pack these paint cans? Check out our 4G Packaging Systems.

 PLEASE NOTE: If you order less than a case, the possibility of damage increases due to compromised packaging.