BEST Containers

Pail Shipping System

When you are ready to ship your products, you may look to UPS as your shipper. With our pail shipping systems, you can avoid “Additional Handling Charge” for unboxed pails when shipping your own products with UPS or FedEx. These systems have ergonomically positioned hand holes for easy lifting, which helps you when sending products on their way. These are used with 5 gallon pails, steel or plastic, open-head or closed-head, and 2 corrugated inserts are used to hold the pails tightly in place. They help protect the pails from damage, and if you have hazardous chemicals you are shipping, our Ergo-Pak™ Overpack are available for shipping UN regulated material. Pails are sold separately, and cartons are manufactured to have a higher gross weight limit than standard double wall cartons.

Buy the Shipper Box if you are shipping material that doesn’t require a UN rating. For UN regulated material use the Overpack Box. Get the job done with products all in one place! Everything you need for shipping including tape, inner cartons, and more is available under shipping supplies to help package your product!

  • Pail Shipping Carton Triangular Insert

    Pail Shipping Carton Triangular Insert – Fits 5 & 6 Gallon

  • Ergo-Pak™ Pail Shipping Box

  • Ergo-Pak? Overpack Pail Shipping Boxes

  • 1 – 6 Gallon Pail Shipper Carton