BEST Containers

Screw tops and Misc. Tins

There are times when a standard round tin just won’t do the trick. Here you will find a few different options. Our gold and silver steel tins with screw top lids are perfect for creams, candles, mints, pills, party favors, and so much more! Both colors have an attractive look and feel and can brighten up any project. Lids are sold with the can as a unit, in both the gold and the silver steel can. While the larger tins have more room for products, the smaller tins offer the same look and can be a great party favor or craft option!

  • Tin Screw Cap – 1 1/8 Inch Beta

  • Inner Seal for Screw Cap – 1 3/4 Inch Delta

  • Tin Screw Cap – 1 Inch Delta

  • 4 oz Gold Steel Screw Top Flat Tin with Lid | 72 units

  • 1 1/4 Inch Delta Tin Screw Cap

  • 2 oz Silver Steel Tin w/ Screw Top Lid | 72 Pack

  • 2 oz Gold Flat Steel Can w/ Screw Top Lid | 72 Pack

  • Aluminum Screw Cap – 1 1/4 Inch Alpha