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Spice Bottles

Clear plastic spice jars are perfect for packaging your cooking or baking products. From sprinkles to powdered seasonings to dry rub mixes, clear spice bottles are the perfect container for showcasing or easily identifying what’s inside. Our PET spice bottles have recessed label panels with ridges on the top and bottom to protect the label from rubbing up against bottles next to it. Many of our small spice and dried herb containers come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right bottle for your needs. Shop PET spice bottles ready to fill your needs from our wholesale selection below.

  • Spice Bottle, Clear, PET, 5.5 oz, 48-485

  • Spice Bottle, Clear, PET, 16 oz, 63-485 Neck Finish

  • Spice Bottle, Clear, PET, 8 oz, 53-485

  • 32oz Circular Clear PET Plastic Spice Jar, 89-400

    $1.12 $1.70