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wide mouth economy glass Jars

Wide-mouth economy glass jars are super-convenient because filling is much easier. They work for a myriad of products and keep your product pure and secure. These high-quality glass containers can be used for high-purity products or long-term storage. These jars are useful for products requiring a wide opening that enables dispensing. They also provide a durability that can’t be matched by plastic containers. Plus, labeling these jars is a breeze thanks to their round shape.

Remember to purchase caps, as they are sold separately and that the jars are sold in case packs only. Shop now for wide-mouth economy glass jars from Best Containers!

  • 8 Oz Wide Mouth Glass Jars

  • 4 oz Wide Mouth Glass Jar

  • 32 oz Wide Mouth Glass Jar – 70-400 mm

  • 16 Oz Wide Mouth Glass Jar – 63-400 mm