BEST Containers

Armlocks & Clips for Paint Cans

Armlocks secure paint can lids and prevent products from leaking during transportation. They meet UPS and USPS requirements, and are designed, tested, and certified to pass UN hydrostatic pressure test of 100 kpa. With precision molded HDPE, it installs easily with a mallet or paint can closer. Different sized overseals are available to fit your paint cans.

Clips are of tempered steel and fit most quart, pint, or gallon sized cans. Snap the clips into the grooves on top of lid to help prevent the lid from popping loose during shipment. Easily secure and seal your paint cans to prevent leaks. Each paint can clip is sold separately or you can bundle your order for a discount. Be sure to stock up on these paint supplies that are essential for shipping.

  • One Gallon Metal Paint Can Clips

  • Metal Quart and Pint Paint Can Clips